Wondrous Peru: Luxury trips

Peru has an adventurous, mystic, ecological and fun spirit, but it also has luxury and delicacy. The perfect trip in 5 star hotels, suites, yachts, luxurious trains, light aircraft, limousines, dinners by the sea, Machu Picchu, the Misti, the heights of Lake Titicaca or sailing on the Amazon river. Everything is possible.


The cruise on the Amazon river is the most luxurious journey in the Amazon region. A dream-like trip deep in the wild jungle, waking up to the call of birds, falling asleep amidst the peace of the natural world. A real paradise. The cruise ships have suites boasting 180 degree views, air conditioning and first-class decoration. The dining rooms and lounges have large dividing screens, hammocks on the upper deck to enjoy the temperate weather in the open air, viewing platforms, boutiques and different on-board services to add to you pleasant stay.

An additional detail is the local cuisine, with a touch of European gourmet. A journey to enjoy to the fullest.


This hot northern city has been added to the list of luxury destinations. With its white sandy beaches and turquoise-blue sea, it only gets rave reviews from visitors. Investment in hotels and first-class services has been in the millions over the last few decades. This natural paradise has been improved further by luxury infrastructure that ensures rest, along with the famous local cuisine and entertainment under the sun. The most luxurious accommodation in Máncora and Vichayito, boutique hotels for couples only, with spa, steam rooms, massage treatments for couples, jacuzzis overlooking the sea, private terraces with pools next to the lounge bar and horseback-riding.

Hotels with family suites and connected rooms, lounge bar areas, outdoor dining areas, terraces facing the beach, play areas and children’s activities. Journeys to and from the airport are in comfortable cars with air conditioning and champagne included.


There are innumerable luxury services in Lima. Modern hotels built on the cliffs of the Costa Verde (Green Coast) or the heart of residential areas, with restaurants, bar, nightclub, spa, day care, beauty salons, car rentals, flight reservations, cash machines, currency exchange, laundry service, car wash… In addition to that and just steps away there is culture, entertainment, cinemas, theaters, museums, restaurants, cafés, bars, nightclubs, bowling and tens of local shops offering alpaca and vicuña clothing, gold and silver jewellery and crafts.

Miraflores and San Isidro are the top financial and residential areas in the city, boasting five star hotels. Premier, executive and 250 m2 (2691 sq. feet) presidential suites, elegantly decorated with marble bathrooms, jacuzzi, sauna, separate living and dining rooms, fully equipped kitchen, guest bathroom, private terrace, mini bars and a full range of room services, as well as handicap accessible rooms. Additionally there are conference rooms, business centers, gyms, spas, tennis courts, swimming pools, high-speed internet and 24 hour access to transport.


The Peruvian coast offers ecological and enigmatic experiences. The main international hotel chains are located on the edge of the Paracas Reserve. Hotel complexes on the sea front are where most of the luxury tourist services in the area are located. Suites with a view of Paracas Bay’s turquoise waters or of the hotel’s gardens. There are also lounges, spacious desks with comfortable seats, kitchenettes with microwave ovens and fridge, high-speed WiFi Internet, big-screen televisions with premium cable service. And you will you rest even more on our beds with extra-large hypo-allergenic pillows, luxury bedding and feather duvet, triple sheets and luxury spring mattresses.

To enjoy the Ballestas islands the services include modern speedboats that get you close to the marine world of Paracas, where you can play or swim with sea lions, photograph the curious Humboldt penguins and thousands of birds.
The mysterious Nazca Lines, which can only be fully appreciated from the air or at sea, are the most impressive attraction on this luxurious journey. There are 12 indelible geometrical figures, enormous in size, drawn thousands of years ago, etched into the extensive sand dunes. They appear to be a lunar calendar built by the ancient Peruvians or possibly an interpretation of a magical world in which they lived.


The Ciudad Blanca (White City), a jewel of Viceroyalty architecture, has hotels predominated by the colonial style and works of art. The furniture made of wood, wrought iron and leather transmit a gentlemanly character. The open-air spaces are huge gardens dotted with palm trees, swimming pools, hot tubs and open-air bar, children’s playground and other services for sunny days. In addition, there are gyms, and areas for aerobics, saunas and steam rooms, all for you to completely relax. Packages include transfers in top-of-the-line private cars, with air conditioning and champagne to celebrate your stay.

A first-class trip in Arequipa is visiting Colca Canyon, great for four-wheel drives, hiking, canoeing, climbing, paragliding and mountain biking. The area boasts a swath of hot springs, pre-Inca archaeological sites and platforms that indicate how much the ancient Peruvians dominated the nature they lived in. In the middle of the scenery, modernity has carefully placed hotels designed to satisfy highly demanding tourists.


Cusco is a magical location. Watching the sun rise over Machu Picchu, one of the 7 New Wonders of the World, with a sun that lights up the Inca citadel with a flow of mystic energy is a moment that you will remember forever.
Close to the sanctuary, there are luxury hotels with views out over the mountains, the forest of the Urubamba River and the adjacent woodland.

The journey, from the city of Cuzco to Machu Picchu can be enjoyed by riding on the famous Hiram Bingham train, with its luxurious wagons decorated in the old European style, features an exquisite catering service as well as artistic dance performances and regional music. Travelers are astounded by the journey through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, through the mountains and alongside the river Urumbamba.

The city of Cusco has colonial-style hotels built more than 300 years ago, are architectural gems that harmoniously combine a feeling of formality with elegance. Cuzco offers many high-end places to stay with and outstanding service.

La Catedral, el Templo del Sol or Koricancha, el barrio de San Blas, a visit to the workshops of well known Cuzco artists, are tours inside the city you won’t want to miss. And the list goes on to include the Inca Trail private excursions, or organized visits to the museums, convents, citadels and shops selling world class jewellery, crafts, and alpaca and vicuña clothing. The city itself also offers a fine variety of restaurants as well as top-notch entertainment centers.


By Lake Titicaca, near the floating islands of los Uros and a range of high altitude mountains, is the Puno’s most exclusive five-star hotel. The stunning panoramic view from the suites and terraces is a privilege for its exclusive guests.
Rooms overlooking the lake, bed linen boasting beautiful colors, local designs and a personalized service, all ensure total satisfaction with your stay. While you explore the spacious gardens and recreation areas, the company of the alpacas gives a touch of the local flavor to your stay.

Its grounds feature a restaurant specializing in local and international cuisine, including dishes created with fish caught in the lake, with live local music to top it all off. A gym, sauna and hot tubs, all add to the special attention which even includes transfers in top-of-the-line private cars, champagne and a tourist guide.

Cruise ships

Peru’s very long coast line, deep and large rivers and modern ports, have all ensured that luxury cruise ships continue to visit the country for over one decade. The country’s main port, el Callao, receives almost daily arrivals from other countries bringing tourists eager to explore Peru, experience its national folklore and its renowned and captivating cuisine.

Amazon River

The Amazon River, as many say, is the world’s largest river. To travel upon it throughout a whole week is as close to nature as one can get.Every corner of the forest is utterly captivating, regardless of whether it is in Peruvian, Columbian or Brazilian territory. The experience includes hiking, visiting native communities, canoe trips and all the comfort of a floating hotel.

The Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is at the heart of the trip. This area can only be reached by river. A protected natural area, located in the depths of the tropical jungle, a whole spectrum of birds and general wildlife can be seen, all with the backdrop of a multi-colored and never-ending scenery.

Companies boasting over 20 years experience, with solid trajectory, knowledge and logistical capacity ensure the trip along the Amazon is a safe one. Interact with nature, understand the jungle’s ecology and enjoy the Amazonian landscape through 360° panoramic views from aboard new and safe ships.


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