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Camelids and Primates

Peru is one of the world’s 10 megadiverse countries, containing 84 of the 114 life zones, 8 bio-geographical provinces and three large basins. The natural regions of the coast, mountains and jungle are inhabited by countless species that can be appreciated in their natural habitat, making them eco-tourism attractions.

Curiosity and admiration for animal life have encouraged thousands of tourists to find the locations where the most diverse fauna can be watched. Many choose the mammals that inhabit Peru.

Peru holds thousands of species that continue to amaze the scientific world, especially the endemic species, whose beauty, peculiar features and ability to adapt to challenging climates make them a special attraction.

South American Camelids

All along the Andean trails, alpacas (Lama pacos) and llamas (Lama glama) are usually seen following their shepherds gracefully and unruffled by the cold, rain and snowstorms.

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The great variety and quantity of natural resources present in the tropical rainforests of the north and in the jungle, make Peru a country with one of the greatest wealth of mammals and primates.

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