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The land of the Incas, an amazing civilization that was able to cope with the wild geography of the region and live in harmony with the elements of nature: the rivers, the sun, the rain, the oceans, the mountains, the dry cold of the Andes and the rugged landscape, reaping the fruits of nature and adapting to different environments.

Part of this ancient civilization still remains in every village and major cities in Peru and can be discovered in local traditions. Visiting Peru is like traveling through time to discover the fascinating lives of the Incas, Chancas, Chachapoyas, Mochicas and Wari with their great architecture, arts, festivities, their powerful culture and their energetic people.

Experience Peru and discover the diversity and uniqueness of its landscapes, sounds, colors and flavors; journey back in time to discover ancient civilizations and experience Peru’s immense cultural heritage. Relish those countless places and experiences that only truly come to life when you are there in person.

Caral, the first known civilization in the Americas; pre-Hispanic cultures; the Inca Empire, the fusion between Incas and the Hispanic world; Peru and its Western, Eastern and African influences; deserts, mountains, woods, the Amazon and the ocean; exotic landscapes, flora, fauna and great cultural diversity. This is what Peru is all about.

Departments of Peru

Peru is a truly a megadiverse country, with 11 ecoregions, and 84 out of the 117 life zones that exist worldwide. Due to its geography, Peru has a truly enormous wealth of landscapes which, at the same time, provide a huge gamut of natural resources. Peru has been traditionally divided into three large regions, according to their altitudes: North, Center and South.


Amazon Cajamarca La Libertad
Lambayeque Loreto Piura
San Martin Tumbes  


Ancash Callao Huanuco
Junin Lima Pasco
Ucayali Huancavelica  


Arequipa Apurimac Ayacucho
Cusco Ica Madre de Dios
Moquegua Puno Tacna


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