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Twenty thousand years of culture

Visitors to the home land of the Incas are poised to discover a place full of adventure, mystery and tourist attractions for everybody. Discover your own Peruvian destinations and activities in these pages. Whether you are an adrenaline seeker, a luxury traveller or an archaeology enthusiast, Peru is ready to offer you a dream experience all you need to do is plan where to go and what to do in Peru.

Activities by Category

Peru of Living Cultures

Peru of Adventure

what-to-do-peru-of-living-cultures what-to-do-peru-of-aventure

Events, festivals and traditions.

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For adrenaline seekers

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Natural Peu

Peru of Today

what-to-do-natural-peru what-tpo-do-peru-of-today

Flora and fauna watching, parks, environmental conservation areas and much more.

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Discover modern day Peru.

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Wondrous Peru

Ancient Peru

what-to-do-wondrous-peru what-to-do-ancient-peru

Are you looking to go on a rejuvenating and luxurious holiday? This is the perfect place to get started.

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Twenty thousand years of civilisations, architecture and history.

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