Valleys and Canyons

Peru’s Canyons and Valleys

Like veins running through the human body, the rivers born in the Andean mountain range cross the western slopes towards the coast and the eastern slopes towards the jungle, with waters that flow into the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, including the gigantic Amazon, which is born in Peru and ends in Brazil. Over millennia, these waterways have formed the Peruvian valleys and canyons that have shaped the landscape of this country.

In some cases, the courses of these rivers have created landscapes with deep canyons formed by nature over centuries or waterfalls surrounded by rich and varied vegetation.

Colca Valley and Canyon

It is located four hours away from Arequipa City.

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Sacred Valley (Valle Sagrado)

Formed by the towns of Pisaq, Yucay, Urubamba and Ollantaytambo, among the most visited, the Sacred Valley is one of the most attractive hikes near Cuzco, with tall mountains enclosing a green mantle of farm lands, picturesque towns and a magnificent river.

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Cotahuasi Valley and Canyon

Located in La Unión province, 12 hours by car from Arequipa, the valley offers visits to traditional towns and hot springs, the Sipia waterfalls and the geological faults in the canyon.

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Tres Cañones (Three Canyons)

It is located in Suykutambo district, Espinar province, Cuzco region, at 4,801 meters (15,748 feet) above sea level. The canyons have cliffs, slopes and rich forests of queuñas and tholas.

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Apurímac Canyon and Valley

An ideal spot for canoeing, with incomparable rapids and waterfalls that present high levels of difficulty.

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Canyon of the Duck (Cañón del Pato)

It is located 22 km (14 miles) north of Caraz City, in the Áncash region.

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Mantaro Valley

It is located in Junín department, in Peru’s central Andean zone, at about 3,200 meters (10,500 feet) above sea level.

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