Totoritas Mountain Biking in Lima

In Totoritas in Mala, it is held for the last 18 seasons, Totoritas International Rally, a competition that focuses on mountain biking, in the form of Cross Country.

The event includes tours of 40, 30 and 20 kilometers and supports the categories of «Elite Ladies and Seniors», «Youth, women and men», «Seniors Men», «The Master Men», «Master B Men», «Master Men C «,» D Male Master «,» Master Checkers «,» Tourism Men «,» Women Tourism «,» Inf. A Women and Men «,» Inf. B Women and Men «and» Free Ride «.

Registrations for the event seldom exceed s / 30.00, unless the date of enrollment pass. Out of competency, Platanales path of Totoritas, is one of the more striking for cycling on the coast existing routes; it is recommended that those who do not know the way, go in the company of a local cyclist.

Activity: Bicycle.

City: San Vicente de Cañete.

Region: Lima.

Province: Cañete.

District: Mala. 


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