Thinking of a holiday? Six indications that you should ask for one

2Taking a break will improve your performance in the office and make you feel motivated to return to work.

Sometimes we do not notice the true importance of taking time to get away from work. We feel it is not entirely necessary and that we can go continue forth for months on end when, in fact, we do not realize this may take affect both emotionally and in our performance.

The following signs indicate that it is time to start thinking about organizing a holiday for your personal sake and well-being; by allowing yourself to do so you will return with more courage and desire to put forth your best efforts at work.

Your social life is disappearing

Your family and friends need you just as much as your work. They are more important than any job or title, as they are there for you when you need them with no interest other than to see you happy. When you begin to neglect them, you end up pushing them away and perhaps even losing the people who love you the most.

You’re unmotivated

When we are in no mood to do anything, the hours seem longer, we get bored, and work becomes more difficult. That boredom affects your productivity, making you spend entire afternoons performing tasks that would normally take just a few minutes.

Your work performance is suffering

There comes a time when the routine of work may ultimately affect your performance. Always doing the same thing, you develop a routine, accomplishing tasks nearly automatically. When that happens, it’s harder than you realize to notice the mistakes you make and you could end up overlooking them.

You feel overwhelmed

If you constantly have the feeling that you have too many responsibilities, that you can’t beat them, that everything you do goes wrong and that you just want to quit, then there is no doubt that the work overload is taking its toll. It may also end up affecting your mood, making the feeling worse.

You have trouble concentrating

Another possible effect of the work routine is it beomes a hindrance to concentration. When our mind is tired, it’s harder to stay focused for a long period of time or solve problems we that were previously simple.

You have no free time

To achieve a good balance in your life you have to know how to distribute and prioritize your time well. While work is important, it should not become the center of your day, as you need to take a moment to clear your mind and dedicate to yourself. You can exercise, read a book, enjoy a movie, or just kick back in your bed to watch TV; anything to disconnect!



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