When you arrive in Peru, there are certain taxes and fees that you must take into account. Here are the most relevant ones:

  • General Sales Tax (IGV): IGV is a value added tax that applies to most goods and services in Peru. Currently, the IGV rate is 18% and is included in the price of the products and services you purchase during your stay in the country.
  • International Departure Tax (Airport Tax): When leaving Peru, you will have to pay the Airport Tax, also known as International Airport Use Tax. This tax varies depending on the airport, but is usually approximately 30 to 40 US dollars. Generally, this tax is already included in the price of the airline ticket, so you will not have to pay it at the time of departure.

It is important to note that taxes and fees can change over time, so it is advisable to check for the latest updates before your trip. Also note that there are certain exemptions and special rules for certain types of tourists, such as foreign travellers or residents of the Andean Community. Be sure to find out about these specific exemptions that may apply to you.

Remember to keep receipts and documents related to your purchases and payments, as they may be necessary to obtain tax refunds in the case of eligible purchases made during your stay in Peru.


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