Surf in Lima Beaches


Lima’s beaches offer waves all year round, for all levels of surfers.

General Information

Location: Lima Department. Lima Province.

Climate: Warm in summer.

Average temperature: 19 °C. (66 °F).

Season: All year.


  • Common characteristics: cold water beaches. Waves all year round.

Costa Verde

Location: City of Lima.

Type of Waves: Ideal waves.

Level: for beginners.

La Herradura

Location: Chorrillos District.

Sea characteristics: Famous for its waves, which measure up to 4 meters (13 feet).

Type of Waves: Point-break, strong left and long three section waves, the last breaking in tubular form.

Level: For experienced surfers.

Punta Hermosa beaches

Location: District located from the 40 km turning on the Panamericana Sur highway.

  • Señoritas: Reef-break, strong, long and tubular left waves. The waves reach approximately 3 meters (10 feet). For beginners and experienced surfers.
  • Caballeros: Reef-break, long, formed right waves, with a tubular section. The waves reach approximately 3 meters (10 feet). For intermediate and experienced surfers.
  • Pico Alto: Outer-reef, right, some left waves. Waves that can reach between 8-10 meters. Long and strong waves with tubular sections. Waves break 1 km (0.6 mile) offshore. Experienced surfers only.

Other beaches

Playa Norte, El Paso, La Isla, Kontiki.

  • Punta Rocas: Punta Negra District (km 45 on the Panamericana Sur). Site of international surfing championships. Reef-break, left and right waves, long, big and strong waves,with a tubular section. Waves can reach 4 – 5 meters (13-16 feet) tall. Appropriate for intermediate and experienced surfers
  • Peñascal: San Bartolo District (km 49 on the Panamericana Sur). Presents reef-break right waves, between 2 – 4 meters (6-13 feet), with tubular sections that break on therocky bed. Not suitable for beginners.
  • Cerro Azul: Cañete province (km 132 on the Panamericana Sur). Strong current sea with left waves, well-organized, easy access. Waves break on the shore. There are also right waves (when the sea swells too much) that break on the other side of the jetty (rapid, strong and tubular waves). The waves can reach approximately 2 meters (6 feet)

Level: beginners/intermediate.


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