Surf in beach The Ñuro Piura

The Ñuro beach is one of the most interesting spas that are located in northern Peru. The Ñuro, is located in the district of organs, in Talara, Piura, and is an attractive point for a visit, for those interested in surfing.

Beach the Ñuro, unlike its neighboring beaches, has a high amount of visitors arrive at most five surfers per day, possibly representing access it.

The Ñuro waves, like her sisters, neighboring beaches are left and the type Point Break. If you want to conquer the best waves of Playa the Ñuro, we recommend visiting the resort, between the months of October to March. While the Ñuro beach, enjoys less popular than other spas Talara, it is recommended that those sailing the waves on their boards, are athletes of intermediate levels thereafter.

Activity: Surf.

City: Talara.

Region: Piura.

Province: Talara.

District: organs.


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