Surf in Beach The Huayco Lima

The Huayco beach, is located in the district of Punta Negra, south of Lima. The Huayco beach, has a more than interesting for those adept at surfing sea visitors.

Waves presents beach the Huayco are the type reef break, and come through clearly defined left with a good tubular section. The speed of the waves of beach the Huayco often depends on the state of the tide, so you have to be on the lookout for the best waves encountering the place.

The best time to visit beach the Huayco, is between the months of December to March. The waves that are in Playa the Huayco, are recommended for surfers of intermediate level onwards; because the entry and exit to the sea are somewhat difficult.

Activity: Surf.

City: Lima.

Region: Lima.

Province: Lima.

District: Punta Negra.


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