Surf Beach Lima Chilca

If you travel a little further south of Lima, entering the province of Cañete, is Playa Chilca, a spa which is presented as an interesting challenge for all athletes who are interested in surfing. The challenge of the waves of Playa Chilca, is manifested not only in the power of the waves, but the surprise of them. Chilca beach waves are tubular waves of great strength, which in its heyday, become a real challenge for surfers.

Chilca is a beach resort that is welcoming more new visitors, so it is called a fashionable beach. The greatest season visits to this resort, is during the summer and it is suggested that only dare to challenge their waves, and surfers who enjoy considerable experience in the sport.

 Activity: Surf.

City: San Vicente de Cañete.

Region: Lima.

Province: Cañete.

District: Chilca.


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