Surf Beach caballeros Lima

Beach  caballeros in the district of  Tip Hermosa, Lima. This beach is a popular resort for those who like surfing in Peru.

The popularity of beach caballeros makes it possible to observe daily, plying their sea, an average of twenty surfers, that number tends to increase, especially in high season. caballeros Beach waves are kind of reef break with impressive straight and with a well defined tubular section.

caballeros Beach waves are recommended for surfers of intermediate and advanced levels. As many of the neighboring beaches caballeros, that has good waves all the time. Keep in mind that the water temperature beach gentlemen usually pretty cold throughout the year. caballeros Beach is located approximately at the Km 45 of the South Panamericana.

 Activity: Surf.

 City: Lima.

Region: Lima.

Province: Lima.

District: Punta Hermosa.


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