Surf at Point Panic Beach Piura

Point Panic, it is an ideal resort for surfers. That is in the province of Talara, Piura, and for some, is not exactly a beach, but a state or, which limits, and Point Panic is that only presents the best waves in beach area Cape Blanco winter time, which diminishes its waves Cabo Blanco.

Like most beaches in the north, Point Panic stands out for its amazing and perfect lefts, which in its heyday, they get to reach more than 3.5 meters high. Waves presents Point Panic, and reaching its peak, between the months of March to October, they are recommended for experts.

Keep in mind, too, if you want to ride the waves of Point Panic, the waters of this beach is characterized by being cold all year.

Activity: Surf.

City: Talara.

Region: Piura.

Province: Talara.

District: organs.


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