Waves all year round


Peru’s beaches are considered by experts to be among the best in the world. There are permanent surfing opportunities all year round, with small, big, long, tubular, high peak and bell waves, as well as a large quantity of waves that break closely one after the other.

The central coast has permanent surf during winter (April to September), while the north coast offers its famous swells between the months of October and March, turning it into a surfers’ paradise.. The best beaches are: Cabo Blanco, Lobitos, Chicama (with the longest left wave in the world), Huanchaco, Pacasmayo and Los Órganos.

There is a theory that states that it was in Ancient Peru rather than in Polynesia or the South Pacific where the oldest evidence of men riding the waves with the help of rafts exists, as testified by textiles and ceramics from various pre-Hispanic cultures. Surfing, which is a 2,000 year-old practice in Peru, continues to be used by fishermen in the northern coves of Huanchaco, Santa Rosa and Pimentel, in La Libertad and Lambayeque departments, where local inhabitants ride the waves on reed rafts searching for their daily catch.



Type of waves: Left, tubular, well-formed waves that reach 2 metres tall and break on coral reefs.

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Type of waves: Left, tubular, well-formed waves that can reach 2 metres tall and break on coral reefs.

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Cabo Blanco

Type of waves: left, perfect tubular waves, measuring approximately 1 – 3 metres, which break on coral reefs. Dangerous due to their proximity to the reef. Not recommended for beginners.

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Three points: Piscinas, Lobitos and El Hueco. Level: advanced

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Type of waves: Constant left waves, various peaks with different sections. The waves can reach heights of 2 metres and have variable currents depending on the swell. Waves all year round.

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Puerto Chicama or Malabrigo

Type of waves: The left waves, considered the longest in the world, break on contact with the ground. Tubular waves, with 4 sections, that reach 2 metres tall. Strong offshore crosswind.

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Type of waves: The left, long and well-formed waves, with a tubular section, break on contact with the ground. The waves stretch to approximately 3 metres tall.

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Lima beaches

The characteristics of the Lima beaches vary, but the water on each of them is cold and there are waves all year round.

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Surf in Beach The Peñascal Lima.

The Peñascal beach, is one of the resorts that are in the district of San Bartolo, south of Lima. The beach is a tourist attraction that captures the attention, especially surfers, thanks to the wealth of its waves.

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Surf Beach Knights Lima.

Beach gentlemen in the district of Tip Hermosa, Lima. This beach is a popular resort for those who like surfing in Peru.

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Blue hill Surfing Beach Lima.

Blue hill is a beach that is located in the district of Blue hill in the province of Cañete, in Lima.

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Chicama Surf Beach in La Libertad.

In Rázuri district in the province of Ascope, in La Libertad, is Chicama beach, a spa visitors who have penchant for water sports like surfing is recommended.

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Surf Beach Lima Chilca.

If you travel a little further south of Lima, entering the province of Cañete, is Playa Chilca, a spa which is presented as an interesting challenge for all athletes who are interested in surfing.

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Surf Beach Conchán Lima.

Conchán Beach, is a resort that is located south of Lima, in the district of Lurin. This beach is an attraction for those who enjoy surfing in Lima. The current sea presents Conchán is considered dangerous, however, as sea, we can run into interesting both lefts and rights that attract the attention of surfers in the country and abroad.

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 Surf in Beach The Huayco Lima.

The Huayco beach, is located in the district of Punta Negra, south of Lima. The Huayco beach, has a more than interesting for those adept at surfing sea visitors.

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 Surf in beach The Ñuro Piura.

The Ñuro beach is one of the most interesting spas that are located in northern Peru. The Ñuro, is located in the district of organs, in Talara, Piura, and is an attractive point for a visit, for those interested in surfing

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 Surf Beach Mejia Arequipa.

Mejia Beach, is a resort that is located in the district of the same name, in the province of Islay in Arequipa. That beach is an interesting spot to visit, for surfers.

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Kontiki Beach Surf in Lima.

Or Kontiki Beach is a Lima spa is located in the district of Punta Hermosa, south of Lima. This beach is a place to visit for those who like to spend the summer in addition to surfing.

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Beach The Herradura in Lima.

Beach the Herradura is one of the most popular district of Chorrillos in Lima spas. This beach is part of the named circuit Beaches Costa Verde, and is a landmark, not only for holidaymakers, but also adherents to surf.

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Surf at Point Panic Beach Piura.

Point Panic, it is an ideal resort for surfers. That is in the province of Talara, Piura, and for some, is not exactly a beach, but a state or, which limits, and Point Panic is that only presents the best waves in beach area Cape Blanco winter time, which diminishes its waves Cabo Blanco.

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