Sun and Sand: Southern Beaches

Similar to the central coast, the south has uniquely beautiful beaches with even colder waters that hardly anyone knows about. It is best to visit them in summer months (December to March).

Arequipa and Tacna

Arequipa Beaches

Puerto Inca A beach resort in the North of Arequipa, boasting calm seas and clear waters. It was one of the most important beaches for the Incas, The Qhapaq Ñan (Inca Trail) once reached this area, almost in a straight line, becoming the shortest point between Cuzco and the Peruvian coast. Here you are able to see some of the ancient barnyards used for llamas. As part of the fun visitors can rent kayaks or take hikes around the area, where they can see rocks of all shapes, sizes and forms. Camaná Here there are long, clean, flat beaches of fine sand, such as La Punta, the most frequented resort, which boasts a wide, flat shore and a calm sea as well as restaurants, hotels and discotheques. Other beaches include: Cerrillos, el Chorro, las Cuevas, Quilca, la Miel, Arantas, Honoratos, la Playuela, etc. There are also beaches dedicated to fishing and adventure sports, such as La Caleta San José, which is only accessible from the sea, guaranteeing absolute tranquility. Mollendo Mollendo is the traditional spa for the people from Arequipa, a scenic metropolis made up of beautiful avenues and alleyways, stretching grey sand beaches and low waves. The most popular beaches are: Primera Playa or Playa Uno (First Beach) and Segunda Playa (Second Beach). There are many different hotels and restaurants. Mejía South of Arequipa, it is a spa boasting a very pretty beach and a town that has carefully maintained its old wooden houses which date back to the last century. Set amongst extraordinary scenery that stands out for its vegetation, it is close to the famous Mejía Lagoons where countless migratory birds flock to.

Tacna Beaches

Boca de Río This is the only beach resort available for tourists in Tacna; a beach with shallow waters. Here you can find hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and great beaches. The famous «playazos» (beach parties) are organized by private companies and they bring together hundreds of young people of all ages for hours of music, beach and fun. It has simple family accommodation and its restaurants offer basic Peruvian f


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