Sun and Sand: Northern Beaches

If you are looking to escape from city life, there is nothing like visiting Peru’s resorts such as Playas de Tumbes with their long beaches and warm water, or internationally famous beaches like Máncora, a paradise for both surfers and those searching for a more relaxing environment. You can also enjoy the wide variety of hostels with restaurants and bungalows to delight the visitor. The La Libertad beaches are the perfect spot for lovers of surfing, sport fishing and diving.

Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque, and La Libertad

Tumbes Beaches

The sea at Tumbes has warm waters and imposing waves, beaches, comprehensive tourism services and huge areas of unspoiled nature, perfect to forget city life. Highlights: Zorritos Zorritos 30 minutes from the town of Tumbes (by car), it is a beach with fine white sands and never-ending waves. Perfect for jet-skiing, surfing and fishing. The beach forms part of the resort sharing the same name and has everything you could possibly need to enjoy a fantastic vacation: stunning scenery, many available services and delicious cuisine. Punta Sal Punta Sal: one of the most beautiful beaches on the north coast. Just over an hour by bus from the city, it has mild waves that break gently on the semicircular white sandy beach. A resort offering first-class accommodation, restaurants and shops.

Piura Beaches

Máncora and Las Pocitas This is perhaps the best known beach in Peru internationally and has become one of the main surfing destinations, especially towards the end of the year when the sea currents create enormous waves. The shallow and clear waters make it the perfect place for underwater fishing. It boasts varied ecological beauty spots making it a magical destination for those that love nature. Las Pocitas, south of Máncora, is a beach surrounded by palm trees. It gets its name from the small rock pools on the shore created by the movement of the tides. It can be reached on foot or by taxi or motorcycle taxi from the town of Máncora or from Vichayito and Los Órganos. It has a tranquil, almost exclusive atmosphere, thanks to its relative distance from the center of the town. Quebrada Fernández or Poza de Barro is one of Máncora’s most exotic places. A kind of natural spa consisting of 3 pools of hot and saline water coming from underground sources, they are natural pools with high concentrations of minerals and healing properties. For those who like adventure there is the La Caprichosa Eco-Lodge, just 10 minutes from Máncora, where you can go on one of the biggest zip lines in Peru. The lodge also offers a special type of outdoor environment, with tree plantations, animals such as milk goats, horses, turkeys and home-made dairy products. Vichayito This is considered an ideal kite surfing beach due to the strong, steady winds. The depth of its waters also makes it a perfect place for diving. It is extremely tranquil and offers a varied range of accommodation in hostels, restaurants and bungalows. Los Órganos Just 10 minutes from Máncora, it is a white sandy beach perfect for those looking for peace and tranquility as it is quite a long way from the road. It has a traditional wharf, with white sailed rafts. Further on from the wharf is Veleros point which has a beautiful view over the sea. It is hugely popular with lovers of surfing, sport fishing and diving. It has all the facilities needed for a pleasant stay.

Lambayeque Beaches

Pimentel This is the main beach of Lambayeque and is very popular with visitors and surfers. Known for its ancient «caballitos de totora»: reed rafts that are still used by the local fishermen as a means of transport. It is the summer destination of choice for people from Chiclayo.

La Libertad Beaches

Huanchaco Trujillo’s most important beach resort charms visitors with beaches where countless «caballitos de totora» sit on the sand, ready to take the more intrepid travelers to experience sailing, ancient Peruvian style Continuing with the millennia-old tradition of the Moche men catching the waves in their small rafts, now Huanchaco has become one of the best places to surf, even producing academies where beginners can learn. Huanchaco has a unique blend of history, nature, adventure tourism and family holidays resulting in a wide variety of hotel infrastructure and restaurants serving delicious seafood. Pacasmayo A traditional fishermen’s cove located to the north-east of Trujillo. It has a Spanish style wharf and mansions with republican traits, making for wonderful afternoon stroll. The water here is blissful and deep and its beaches fully cater to those wishing to take part in adventure sports such as surfing, windsurf and diving. For bathers, Malecón is the most outstanding beach. For surfers, the best beach is el Faro with its long left breaking, tube forming waves. Pacasmayo also offers delicious food, such as «toyo-based enzarzado» or hot ceviche, and has different hotels and restaurants, most of them located in Malecón. Port Chicama (Malabrigo) A small fishing port, it has become a paradise for national and international surfers, particularly between March and October. Some of the biggest left breaking waves in the world are found here, with waves creating tubes known as «chicameras waves». Located an hour and a half from Trujillo, there are several choices of accommodation, from a Spa Hotel to more basic accommodation.


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