Sun and Sand: Central Beaches

The central coast boasts beaches that are hardly visited, yet they are set within stunningly attractive scenery, where you can enjoy the sea and sun almost on your own. On this part of the coast, the water is colder due to the Humboldt current, so tourists are encouraged to visit December and March to enjoy a warmer weather.

Áncash and Lima

Áncash Beaches

Tortugas 30 minutes from Casma, the Tortugas beach resort has clear and blissful waters which make them perfect for activities such as swimming, fishing, diving, sailing and underwater hunting. It has good restaurants and hotels offering services 24 hours a day. Tuquillo Located at km 301 of the Northern Pan-American Highway. The name of this beach means «the most beautiful, the prettiest». Known as the swimming pool of the Pacific, Tuquillo is a narrow and busy cove of sea and sand, formed where the Pampa Tres Piedras meets the shore. La Pocita beach lies to the north, while to the south there is first Maracaná beach then Antivito beach. On one side, the Pampa comes to an end in the coastal region known as Punta Marín, which, together with a promontory of the same resort known as «La Climática», forms the curve where the cove divides in two. The shoreline here is said to be in the form of a double U. Towards the north, the curve of the shore is smaller and forms the beach known as Tuquillo Norte. This beach is calmer, with better placed buildings and is a good place for fishing and underwater fishing. On the southern curve, the sea is rougher and therefore less crowded.

Lima Beaches

Ancón A little over half an hour north of Lima, it is a modern and relaxed beach resort as well as a dynamic traditional fishing cove with calm waters that are perfect for sailing sports. On its sea front there is a mix of old wooden mansions, modern luxury buildings, restaurants and accommodation. In the 19th century, tombs from an important necropolis were found, clearly defined into three periods, as well as prehistoric findings dating back thousands of years before Christ. This is why there is an on-site museum. El Silencio Just half an hour south of Lima, it boasts clear waters and coarse sand that doesn’t stick to your skin. The bay is very spacious, making it easy to get into and out of the water, swim or play any kind of water sports. It has good waves with crests that run both to the left and the right. To really take advantage of this beach you need to know how to swim so as to go past the line where the waves break. There you won’t be able to touch the bottom, but the water is as calm as a swimming pool. There are restaurants and accommodation. Punta Rocas One of the most popular places to surf. All the year around there are right and left crested waves, big and strong with tubular sections that can reach over 4 meters (13 feet). There are also waves suitable for beginners. The water is cold with a sandy beach and a tiny rocky point. It is the most frequently chosen place for national and international surfing championships and rock concerts. There are good restaurants and a wide variety of services. Punta Hermosa It was one of the first beach resorts south of Lima. The birthplace and home of great surfing professionals. There are three beaches and a small island opposite them. It is highly popular with people from Lima looking to relax on the beach. There are hotels and restaurants. San Bartolo A big beach resort, almost a small town, whose beach is characterized by its rocky sea floor. Punta El Peñascal is located here, a rocky beach with big waves just right for surfing. One special attraction is «el bufadero», a cave that reaches into the side of the hill, where the waves rush into and shoot out towards the sky through a crack in the rocks making a whistling sound. Santa María An exclusive beach resort to the south of Lima with modern buildings wedged into the cliff side by the small beaches. The beaches of Santa María and Embajadores are within this resort. The latter has a half-moon shape, with a sand spit often covered at high tides. The sea in this area is very calm and the shore flat. Excellent for swimming and suitable for everyone. Pucusana A very busy beach resort and fishing cove, where the quaint fishermen’s homes are nestlend among very modern buildings. One geographical highlight is the «Boquerón del Diablo», a 50 meter (164 feet) long open tunnel that cuts through the rock, allowing choppy waves to pass through it. Excursions and fishing trips are very common activities. There is a hidden fishing cove known as Las Ningas and Naplo beach, an exclusive place where luxurious houses have been built. The sea is very calm. Isla Galapagos, opposite of Pucusana, is the only Peruvian beach resort accessible only by water. It has luxury residences, a small beach and a sea as calm as a lagoon. Bujama and Chocaya Opposite the town of Mala, almost two hours south of Lima, there are two beaches that offer the perfect place to relax. Bujama, with its beautiful big houses, has sand mixed with crushed shells, a sea with gentle waves and a shoreline that is almost completely flat. The sea is much rougher on the neighboring beach of Chocaya. The region is almost unpopulated, although it does fill up with campers at certain times of year. Towards the southern end of these beaches there are a large number of spa resorts. Cerro Azul One of the last beach resorts, a little over two hours drive to the south of Lima. During the summer surfers and campers go there. It is a beach with many hotels and restaurants. The cerro Centinela (Sentinel hill) protects the beach resort and reaches into the sea as if it were a second wharf. Pre-Hispanic buildings can be seen on its hillsides that, according to the chronicler Cieza de León, were painted light green but when seen from the ocean they took on the blue color that gave the town its name. It is an area full of nature, beaches and countryside. Beaches of Asia Located at km 97 (60 miles) on the Panamericana Sur, it has become one of the most exclusive beach resorts in Lima. There are luxury holiday homes and a private beach. Asia’s boulevard has shopping centers, famous brand clothes shops, the best restaurants, as well as a wide variety of nightclubs and pubs. During the summer months fashion shows, entertainment, sporting events and concerts are held here.

Ica Beaches

Paracas: La Mina, Mendieta and El Chaco Within the Paracas Reserve there are stunning horseshoe shaped beaches, gigantic cliffs and huge rocks carved by the waves, and secluded pristine beaches. La Mina, 7 km (4 miles) south of Paracas, is a beach formed by a small inlet. Here the waters are clear emerald green. Very close by, nature has created a natural viewing platform from where sea lions can be seen playing on tiny islands. The beach is big enough to camp on and is a great place for diving. Another almost exclusive beach is Mendieta, 25 km (16 miles) from Paracas, in the heart of the desert, perfect for sport fishing, diving and camping. The El Chaco beach is found at the entrance of the Paracas Reserve. There is a small pier from where boat tours leave towards the Ballestas islands. A good part of the beach is fenced off by luxury international hotel chains and top-end hostels, most of them with private piers for guests. The waters here are perfect for doing different water sports.


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