Staying Connected

Imagine exploring the wonders of Peru while staying connected to your loved ones and having access to all the information you need. In this article, we’ll provide you with valuable tips and information so you can stay connected during your trip to Peru without spending a fortune on roaming plans. Find out how to sign up for Google Fi, take advantage of GSM networks, buy a local SIM card and much more – get ready to enjoy a carefree and connected trip!

You won’t spend a fortune using roaming plans

Roaming plans can be expensive and generate surprising bills when you return home. To avoid these excessive expenses, it is advisable to turn off mobile data and roaming calls before traveling to Peru. Instead, we will explore other cheaper and more convenient options.

Sign up for Google Fi

Google Fi is an excellent option for staying connected in Peru. This platform offers flexible and affordable plans, giving you access to international data, calls and text messages. You can check the availability and details of Google Fi for your device before you travel and easily activate it to enjoy a stable and hassle-free connection.

GSM Networks

Peru uses GSM networks, so if your mobile device is compatible with this technology, you will be able to take advantage of local SIM cards. GSM networks are widely used throughout the country, which means you will have ample coverage and a reliable connection during your trip.

Unlocked cell phone

It is important to make sure your mobile device is unlocked before traveling to Peru. An unlocked cell phone will allow you to use a local SIM card and benefit from local data and calling rates, rather than relying on expensive roaming plans from your home provider.

Optional: Buy a cell phone in Peru

If you do not have an unlocked cell phone or simply prefer to have a local device during your stay in Peru, another option is to buy a cell phone in the country. Peru has a wide variety of stores and cell phone providers where you can purchase a cell phone and a local SIM card. Check the available options and find the device that fits your needs and budget.

How to buy and use a SIM card in Peru?

Buying and using a SIM card in Peru is easy. Go to a cell phone store or an authorized kiosk, choose the plan and SIM card that best suits your needs and follow the instructions to activate it in your cell phone. Make sure you have your passport handy, as it may be required to complete the registration process.

What is the country code for Peru?

The country code for Peru is +51. If you need to make international calls to Peru, you will need to dial this code followed by the corresponding phone number.

How can I make local calls from my new cell phone when I am in Peru?

Once you have purchased a local SIM card and activated it in your cell phone, you will be able to make local calls by dialing the desired phone number. Remember to include the area code of the region you are in before dialing the specific number.

What are the emergency numbers in Peru?

It is essential to know the emergency numbers in Peru for any unexpected situation. Here are the main emergency numbers:

  • General emergencies: 911
  • Police: 105
  • Firefighters: 116
  • Ambulance: 117

Mobile phone companies in Peru

Peru has several cell phone companies that offer quality services. Some of the main companies are Claro, Movistar and Entel. Each of them offers different plans and options, so it is advisable to compare and choose the one that best suits your connection needs during your stay in Peru.


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