Sandboarding in Asia Lima

The district of Asia, has recently hosted many tourists, especially during the summer. But Asia is more than just beaches and boulevard as its territory, has impressive dunes that attract looks, adherents to sandboarding.

The dunes that are situated in the resort of Asia, far just ten minutes from the famous boulevard of this district. Asia dunes are considered level of practice and training, so are recommended for those who want to start in the sport or perfect your technique.

Asia dunes, are quite close to the sea in this district, however, after a walk of about 15 minutes from the coast, can be accessed at longer dunes, ideal for training. There are several tour companies that offer the service to practice sandboarding tours to the dunes of the district, those usually in addition to instructing the visitor, given the possibility of renting, the need to enjoy sandboarding equipment in Asia.

Activity: Sandboard

City: San Vicente de Canete

Region: Lima

Province: Cañete

District: Asia


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