Sandboarding and Buggies

Challenge of the sands


Sliding face-down on a board along the great sand dunes is the unique pleasure offered by sandboarding, an adventure sport that has spread to several departments in Peru. The sport began in Ica, before spreading to Nazca, in Cerro Blanco (2,078 masl), the highest dune in the world, which is just for experts.

In many desert zones on the Peruvian coast, there are dunes in which sandboarding can be enjoyed, including Sarapampa (Lima), Camaná (Arequipa) and Acarí (Arequipa), with the second highest dune in the world (2,068 masl).

Boarding styles have been almost entirely copied from snowboarding techniques and include slalom (zigzagging between poles), boarder cross (a competition across an obstacle course between 2 or more riders), slopestyle (tricks and movements using rails and ramps) and big air (massive leaps from a ramp).

The equipment consists of a board (a sandboard) with handles for the feet, a helmet, elbow and knee guards and special fall-resistant sand goggles. Comfortable clothing and specialist advice is recommended, and many specialists are linked to the companies that rent out the boards or travel agencies that prioritize adventure sports.


La Libertad

In the north, close to Trujillo city, sandboarding can be enjoyed in the Conache Dunes, Santa Dune, Filo Navajo Dune and Chao del Valle Cao Dune. In Conache, a lagoon has been formed, which adds to the landscape’s beauty.

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Due to the quantity of dunes and slopes, Ica is perfect for sandboarding, as well as being privileged to hold the highest dune in the world: Cerro Blanco. The La Huacachina oasis area is the most visited spot.

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Sandboarding in Asia Lima.

The district of Asia, has recently hosted many tourists, especially during the summer. But Asia is more than just beaches and boulevard as its territory, has impressive dunes that attract looks, adherents to sandboarding.

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White hill Sandboard in Ica.

A great place to go sandboarding in Peru, is the Cerro Blanco. Cerro Blanco is located in the district and province of Nazca, in the region of Ica. White hill is called the highest dune in the world, allowing slides from 800 meters.

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Desert sandboarding Usaka Ica.

This desert is one of the most interesting coastal points, for those interested in sandboarding. Practise sandboarding in the desert Usaka, can not only enjoy the adrenaline of the sport, but also take walks in sandboxes vehicles, and for those who only accompany seasoned tourists, make fun walks.

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Dune Sandboard in Ica Saraja.

Saraja dune, is a desert area, with dramatic cliffs of sand, which is situated in the district, province and region of Ica. Saraja Duna is an ideal setting for those interested in the practice of sandboarding.

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Sandboarding in Villa Sand Lima.

Villa Sand, is a meeting point for those artists or athletes who are interested in practicing sandboarding.

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Acari sandboarding in Arequipa.

Acari, is a rural district of the province of Caraveli in Arequipa. In this district, the most important dune stands for adherents to sandboarding, in Peruvian territory: Dune Toro Mata.

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