Rock climbing Pastoruri Ancash.

Rock climbing in the Ancash region, there are many ideal spots to climb, both rock and ice, one of those is the Nevado Pastoruri that is located in Recuay. The Nevado has a height of 5,200 m.s.n.m. and the sport of ice climbing is practiced from the height of the glacier.

The best season for climbing in this place is between the months of April to November, and the degree of difficulty of the climbing Pastoruri point is bit difficult.

Is due to the climatic conditions that have put at risk the snow, usually recommends or requires tours to the snowy purposes climb, made in the company of specialists, so you need to go or with specialized guides or that hire the ice climbing tour through any authorized agency.

Activity: Rock climbing

City: Recuay

Region: Ancash

Province: Recuay

District: Cátac


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