River Rafting in Majes – Arequipa

The Majes River passes through the province of Castilla in Arequipa, and has rapids of level I to IV, ideal for canoeing, recognizable by its three sectors.

The Majes boating areas are: Quiscay Beringa, which has rapids of the first three levels; Lechea Quiscay rapids level II and III; and Andamayo-Orongo sector with fast that reach the level IV, so the degree of difficulty of boating in this area requires athletes who already have some experience in the matter.

The first two routes can be followed by any visitor, and traveled together add up to more than three hours; the last of these sectors has a one-hour, which ensures full adrenaline. The best season to visit this river and follow any of its circuits is from January to March, if you want to enjoy the best rapids; season from April to November has a regular flow.

Activity: Canoeing.

City: Aplao.

Region: Arequipa.

Province: Castilla.


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