Protected Natural Areas Huayllay National Sanctuary

The Huayllay National Sanctuary is located in Peru’s central Andes (Pasco region) between 4,100 – 4,546 meters (13,450 – 14,915 feet) above sea level. The Sanctuary is a forest of stones, with impressive cliffs and bizarre figures formed by erosion caused by wind, water and glaciers. It is an immense open air geological museum, where silhouettes that resemble a cobra, an elephant, a snail and many more can be seen.

The best way to explore the Sanctuary is by taking some of the various tourist trails, and ending the visit with a relaxing bath in the hot springs.
Accommodation and basic services are available in the nearby communities. Camping is also possible within the Sanctuary.

General Information

Activities: Trekking, rock climbing, mountain biking, camping.

Climate: Cold, with temperatures between -8 °C and 13.8 °C (18° and 57° F). The rainy season is from January to March, and the recommended period for visiting is from April to December.

Access by Land: From Lima: the best option is the main road (312 km (194miles)) to Carhuamayo.


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