Peru of today


Vibrant Cities

Modern and cosmopolitan, our cities delight locals and tourists alike with a variety of entertainment, art, design, music, and one of the richest and most prestigious cuisines in the world.

They are your primary resource for Peru’s current events, and will greet with you a smile, lots of fun, and plenty of flavor. The capital city is a modern and fine example of the cosmopolitan side of Peru, with its world-class gastronomy (recognized by The Economist as one of the 12 most exquisite cuisines on the planet) its vibrant nightlife and variety cultural activities and entertainment options.

Unique Experiences

A single trip is not enough to discover all the wonders of Peru. Here we highlight just a few magical places and experiences that must be lived and appreciated when you visit this country.


In Cuzco, there is always a reason to celebrate, and all sorts of bars and restaurants to do so; from ancient houses, museums and colonial monuments to spaces boasting the latest or kitsch designs, like this one.

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Magic Water Circuit, P. de la Reserva

With three monumental water fountains that each night present a show of lights and color.

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Main Presbyterian Cemetery

Built in 1808, this is the resting place for the principle national heroes, presidents, writers and personalities of that age. On a full moon, there are guided night tours.

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The biggest gastronomic fair in Latin America brings together all the actors from Peru’s culinary world displaying their best products and recipes, as well as the leading champions of national and international cuisine.

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Costa Verde

A chance to explore the coastal districts of Lima and its beaches along this wide highway.

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Destinations and activities


Urban Culture

Whilst they live at a modern pace, these cities proudly keep their ancient heritage alive. Places being transformed by the changing times and the mixture of cultures. A cosmopolitan fusion combined with olden time traditions.

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Fun and Entertaiment

The nature to be seen in Peru is without question very special, with a wide range of places and activities available for relaxing and recreation. Every city, whether on the coast, mountains or jungle, entertains visitors with a host of events, shows, fairs, festivals and concerts.

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The wealth of its lands and cultural diversity give Peru an exquisite and tremendously varied gastronomy. Each city boasts its own regional dish with unique flavors. Thousands of countryside products and tens of living cultures, which have shared a single territory for centuries, create an offer that is practically infinite. Let your taste buds to choose for you.

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