Peru of adventure


Peru is versatile and its geography proves it to be the perfect place for adventure. A warm desert coast, an imposing mountain range and a lush jungle invite you to enjoy all kinds of extreme experiences and adventures including hiking in the mountains, sandboarding on coastal dunes and canoeing in rivers or trekking the Inca Trail.



A free-fall adventure. Dare to fly, gliding downhill from the canopies in Máncora and Cusco.

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The Inca Trail to MAchu Picchu


Follow in the footsteps of the Incas by walking the trails used by them throughout the history of their empire.

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Beaches stretching north to south, where there is the chance to ride the world´s most impressive waves. The Pico Alto wave, is the biggest in South America reaching up to 10 m in height.

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You can kayak on the river Cañete in Lunahuaná, set in a warm and sunny valley only a few hours drive south from Lima.

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The Cordillera Blanca (White Range), in Áncash, is the second highest mountain range after the Himalayas. It has more than 30 peaks that are more than 6 thousand metres high. The Huascarán peak, standing at 6,768 m high, istruly imposing.

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Destinations and activities

Adventures on land



The Andes mountain range is the second highest in the world, after the Himalayas. At 6,768 meters above sea level, Huascarán, located in the cordillera Blanca mountain range, is the highest tropical mountain in the world, and sits alongside dozens of snow-capped mountains over 5,000 meters tall.

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To trek in Peru is to walk through beautiful Andean landscapes with stunning views of snow-capped mountains and lagoons.

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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is the experience of challenging oneself to climb great heights using just hands and feet, defying surfaces with varied characteristics and taking adventage of every nook and cranny.

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Mountain Biking

Ancient Inca and pre-Inca roads, archaeological sites, picturesque towns and passages through different ecological areas in just a few hours are the attraction of riding a bike around Peru.

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Sandboarding and Buggies

Sliding face-down on a board along the great sand dunes is the unique pleasure offered by sandboarding, an adventure sport that has spread to several departments in Peru.

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Off-On Road

For those that like riding in all-terrain vehicles, together with family and friends, there awaits an adventure that can’t be found on conventional tourist excursions.

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Tourists travel for many reasons: because they love history and want to see great civilizations, because they are attracted by nature, or because they are passionate about extreme sports. However, there is another group: the explorers of caverns or caves, who are able to enter a mysterious world through potholing.

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Adventures on water



Peru’s beaches are considered by experts to be among the best in the world. There are permanent surfing opportunities all year round, with small, big, long, tubular, high peak and bell waves, as well as a large quantity of waves that break closely one after the other.

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Passion-generating rivers. Peru is the setting for over a dozen rivers that cover its diverse regions of coast, hills and jungle.

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There are many rivers that are categorised as low difficulty where canoeing and rafting takes place. Here too you can go kayaking, in particular in the still lagoons that are found in many different parts of the country, where there is the chance to rent these vessels.

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Kite Surfing and Windsurfing

Wind is the main fuel for these two adventure sports in which man confronts the sea at great speed..

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Air Adventures


Hand gliding and paragliding

Flight has always been a dream of man

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Bungee jumping is one of the most extreme adventure sports due to its level of risk. Maximum adrenaline.

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