Pasco – Villa Rica

In 1853 the first Austro-German immigrants arrived, looking to colonize the central jungle. After travelling for a long time, they set up camp in Oxapampa, where they developed their community in isolation for decades. Most of the houses here preserve the Tyrol style and the families still maintain their Tyrol dances and music. There are different accommodation options and agricultural activities, such as coffee tasting, some of the best in Peru.

Pozuzo is the only Austro-German Colony in the world. Located in the heart of Peru’s Central Jungle, it overflows with vegetation making it a perfect place for lovers of the outdoors. Through the passage of time, the Pozuzo people have conserved their traditions, music and way of dressing and continue to sing in German and dance to the sound of accordions.

The Pozuzu people take advantage of the natural resources around them by turning them into fascinating craft ware.

The Oxapampa Province has been awarded Biosphere reserve status by UNESCO. It represents the gateway into the Yanachaga Chemillén National Park.


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