Hang-gliding and paragliding in Paracas Ica

In the region of Ica, there are many places for paragliding, Paracas is one of those, especially in the area comprising the reserve. The flights in the Reserve, through authorized companies can be started from 9 in the morning, at any time of year.

Keep in mind that as the day progressed, the winds may increase to 50 km / h. Paragliding through the territory of Paracas, you can fly over the reefs with the reserve account, including the one known as «The Cathedral».

It is recommended that if you are new to the subject, opting for paragliding only in the morning, as the afternoon winds are recommended for those who already have some ownership in the sport. There are certain companies that also offer night flights in this area, although the timing of these and depends on each one of the agencies responsible.

Activity: Paragliding.

City: Pisco.

Region: Ica.

Province: Pisco.

District: Paracas.


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