Hang-gliding and paragliding in Hill Junín Chupuro

An interesting point to visit, if you are adept at paragliding, is the Hill Chupuro, which is located in the province of Huancayo, Junin.

The flights that start in Hill Chupuro are achieved after reaching a height of almost 3.800 meters. Those are the suggested takeoffs, for those new to the sport, and also can take flight, or try to start on the 4,000 meters, in the area known as the antenna, however, this last area, can only furrow if you have good physical conditions for running prior to the commencement of the flight path.

If you do not have much experience, we recommend starting before noon flight, to avoid the heat given in place. It is also recommended that those interested in paragliding in the area, go with the need to withstand the cold that can occur in the area and that can make landings force prematurely team.

Activity: Paragliding.

City: Huancayo.

Region: Junin.

Province: Huancayo.

District: El Tambo


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