Hang-gliding and paragliding in Arequipa City

An urban setting, for paragliding in Peru, is the city of Arequipa in the province and region of the same name. Paragliding in the territory of Arequipa, it is recommended especially to those with experience in the discipline and strength because although the technical difficulty of flying in this area is not very high, yes it is the level of resistance the participant must submit, and must be manifested from the very ascent of the mountain is chosen for takeoff.

The paragliding in Arequipa, start on the 5,800 meters, taking advantage of the high mountains of the province. Those tend to take an hour to land softly on different points within the urban area of the city of Arequipa.

Activity: Paragliding.

City: Arequipa.

Region: Arequipa.

Province: Arequipa.

District: Arequipa.


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