Orchid Watching: Chachapoyas

The climate and location of the capital of the Amazonian department favors the growth of beautiful and exotic flowers. To enjoy the flora, one can visit the Santa Isabel orchid nursery, with 150 varieties, located just ten minutes by car from the city. The Soldiniopsis Tigroid and Pragmipedium Caudatum are particular highlights. The nursery has a bird bath where hummingbirds can be seen.

A second nursery is located in Choctamal, and another large nursery is located at the 17km mark on the road to the Kuélap archaeological area. At this nursery species such as the Tricho Centrum, the Telipogon and the Maxilaria Kohelerii can be admired. The nursery is maintained by the community.

A rich variety of orchids can be found in a natural setting on various trekking routes and along tourist access roads on the way to the Gocta waterfalls. In the Molinopampa area, there is an orchid forest, but it does not have a road leading into it.


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