Off Road Volcanic Range Arequipa

The volcanic range is located within the region of Arequipa. This Cordillera, has an ideal for adventure sports such as 4×4 off road trail.

The Off Road 4×4 within the volcanic range can be practiced at any time of year, there are in place, different companies are responsible for providing rental service 4×4 to tour the trails, not having their own vehicle.

The tour of the volcanic range allows entry to the Valley of the Volcanoes, and thus contemplation in the course of the more than 86 volcanoes that form (many of which are extinct volcanoes). A trail over off road 4×4, next to the volcanic mountain range, is located southwest of the city, on the road to Tacna, where the desert can be seen, in which access to the best dunes necessary 4×4 off road go to overcome the rugged terrain.

Activity: Off Road 4×4.

City: Arequipa.

Region: Arequipa.

Province: Arequipa.


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