Off Road Trapeze Andean Ayacucho

The areas of the so-called Andean Trapezoid, are followed, at different times, by supporters of the 4×4 off road, thanks to its impressive trails, challenging the wheels and powerful engines of their vehicles.

There are different routes that can be followed by the Andean trapezium and which start from the city of Lima, one of those is the Ayacucho-Andahuaylas-Abancay, comprising a distance of 399 Km route; Another possible to practice off road 4×4 trail is the Lima-Huancayo-Huancavelica road, which has a distance of 444 km; those joins, the Lima-Huancayo-Ayacucho path of 551 km, and Lima-Pisco-Ayacucho, 558 km, although there are many others.

Any time is ripe to follow these paths, though it is suggested, be informed of the rainy season and road conditions before starting the tour, so be forewarned of possible changes in the routes.

Activity: Off Road 4×4.

City: Ayacucho.

Region: Ayacucho.


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