Off Road Sierra Norte in Ancash

One of the shorter routes, but no less interesting to practice the 4×4 off road in Peru, is the path that leaves from Lima and goes to the north of Peru, including the territories of Caraz, Huaraz and Huallanca.

The route continues from Lima, to this part of the country, comprising a distance of 106 Km, which present different challenges for 4×4 off road enthusiasts. The route points allowed through as impressive Canyon del Pato, and also gives the possibility of seeing on the road, the impressive peaks of Ancash.

This trail 4×4 off road, is only recommended for experts, and suggests that go on robust vehicles that reduce the difficulties in the short but complex path.

Activity: Off Road 4×4.

City: Huaraz.

Region: Ancash.

Province: Huaraz.


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