Off Road  in Ica Nazca

Nazca, Ica in the district, providing its breathtaking scenery of dunes, to practice an interesting adventure sport: The Off Road 4×4. In the dunes of Nasca, a competition is held annually known as the «Big Dune Megaventura» event, which takes advantage of Ica desert scenery, stunning skills to 4×4.

If you go to these scenario to practice off-road, it is recommended that warm clothing is worn, since although the mornings and afternoons in the desert of Ica, are really hot, the nights in the place, usually quite cold; who also opt for this sport in the place, you must keep in mind that in the area there are several protected areas, so it is necessary to have knowledge of the case, to avoid damage and keep national heritage areas indicated or suggested.

Usually the powers of the Off Road in Nazca, are between the months of August and September, and the data of the exact dates may conseuirse on the same website of «Great Dune».

Activity: Off Road.

City: Nazca.

Region: Ica.

Province: Nazca.


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