Mountain Biking in the Urubamba Valley Cusco

In the Valley of Urubamba, Cusco, held annually, since 2009, an event known as «Blessed Downhill», a competition which, as its name implies, calls for experienced cyclists downhill mode, to participate walking trails and historic this fertile valley.

The Holy Downhill, comprises eight categories: Double elite, elite rough, semi-pro, master, cadets, junior, children, and women. The competition usually takes place in April and athletes who participate in it, are challenged to explore the challenging mountains of Cusco.

Outside this event, the mountains of Urubamba Valley, always available for cycling high mountain, in fact suggested, those interested in the sport, follow the route of Urubamba Pisac (or vice versa) and comprising 50 km, it is suitable for all levels of participants.

Activity: Cycling

City: Cusco

Region: Cusco

Province: Cusco


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