Mountain Biking in the Plaza Huamanmarca Junin

In the Plaza Huamanmarca in Huancayo, it is carried out, since 2011, the «International Cycling Tour Wanka Pride». The circuit allows to know the beautiful Mantaro Valley, part of the path of travel; another area that presents the circuit is the northern part of the province of Tayacaja.

cycling competition presents four days of travel, and the last day of competition begins and ends at the Plaza Huamanmarca, which is the oldest in the region. The competition takes place in the second week of June and the place you can go mountain biking, plus Downhill mode.

In the case of competition «Pride Wanka» the event only supports cyclists who have a valid license.

Activity: Bicycle.

City: Huancayo.

Region: Junin.

Province: Huancayo.

District: Huancayo


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