Mountain Biking in the Mantaro Valley Junin

One of the best places for mountain biking is the beautiful Mantaro Valley in Junín. The land of this valley is so good for the sport, which even have come to develop important skills in place as the Vuelta Cycling International, besides the Regional and International Downhill Downhill.

The most popular competition is the Valley «Downhill Championship of Conception,» which takes place in July. These events take advantage of the beautiful slopes of the valley, as the case Usupuquio hill and the slope of the right bank of the Mantaro River.

Due to the good climate of the area, in addition to the scheduled dates for competitions, any time is ideal for this sport. The valley has different areas for cycling, according to the skills of the participants.

Activity: Cycling

City: Huancayo

Region: Junin

Province: Huancayo

District: Matahuasi


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