Mountain Biking in Huaraz Ancash

One of the most beautiful and ideals of Ancash areas for cycling is Huaraz. Cycling Tours Huaraz, occur above 4,000 meters.

The best season for cycling in Huaraz, is between the months of April to November. Biking trails Huaraz ranging from level A to C. In this city is held annually, plus the Festival of Cycling.

It is recommended that those who make long trips in Huaraz, take the necessary shelter and replacement parts for your vehicle; Similarly it is also recommended that those who are not accustomed to live, invest, at least one day acclimatize.

A cycling routes that can be followed in Huaraz, Huaraz is the Mirador de Rataquena route; other Huaraz-Cayanpunta; Huaraz-Pitec-Quillcayhuanca; Huaraz-Willcahuain-Marian; Huaraz-Llaca, among others.

Activity: Bicycle.

City: Huaraz.

Region: Ancash.

Province: Huaraz.


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