Mountain Biking in Asia Lima

The popular resort of Asia, also offers areas for summer, interesting cycle routes, especially to end the practice of cycling.

Cycling routes in Asia, are usually in the valley of this district, comprising higher ground and are characterized by quite sandy. Cycling in Asia often relies on the coastal hills that are part of this jurisdiction.

Usually done by bicycle routes from Asia to Cerro Azul, plowing a path of 32 Km., Grocery intense plains, slopes and breathtaking descents. In this district they are also carried out various cycling competitions end, and a national presenting his first time during the summer.

In the district offers bicycle rental for those interested in following the fantastic routes that the Asia Spa has to offer.


Activity: Bicycle.

City: San Vicente de Cañete.

Region: Lima.

Province: Cañete.

District: Asia.


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