Mountain Biking Huasahuasi Junin

The beautiful and fertile district Huasahuasi in Tarma, held two years ago, in June, a major national competition known as the National Cycling Championships Mountain, in which it competes in the form of Downhill, this competitionIt presents the categories: elite, youth, masters and novice.

In Huasahuasi usually develop competition also known as «climb the Andes Huasahuasi» which takes place in the form of Cross Country and follows the regulations of the International Cycling Union; this route follows a path of 40 km.

The province of Tarma, usually enjoys a spring climate, so any time of year is good for cycling in this area.


Activity: Bicycle.

City: Tarma.

Region: Junin.

Province: Tarma.

District: Huasahuasi.


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