Lima Cuisine

Lima is not just considered a food capital because it is the site of the most important gastronomic fair in Latin America, but also because its varied cuisine fascinates both locals and visitors alike. With its iconic dish, «ceviche», and «tiradito», Lima is an inviting destination for lovers of fine cuisine. Peruvian cuisine is influenced by many traditions, with African, Indigenous and Chinese flavors providing the base of dishes that are sure to captivate the most demanding palates.


Lima has a wide variety of typical dishes, available in establishments as diverse as 5 star hotels, traditional restaurants, ceviche bars, specialist chicken restaurants, markets, “huariques” (family-run establishments) and “chifas” (Chinese restaurants).

The capital of seasoning and fine dining. The city has become a central attraction for regional cuisine. Lima is also the site of the most important gastronomic fair in Latin America: Mistura.

Lima’s cuisine captivates palates with its extensive selection of dishes,with fish as the main ingredient in recipes including ceviche, the national pride.

«Tiradito», a version of ceviche without onions, and «parihuela», a fish broth with shellfish, are traditional Lima sea dishes. The long list of seafood dishes from the capital includes «arroz con mariscos» (rice with shellfish), «pescado a la chorillana» (Chorillo-style fish), parmesan shellfish, «choritos a la chalaca» (Chalaca-style sea urchins), «jalea mixta», «tequeños» stuffed with crab, «causa rellena con atun» (potatoes stuffed with tuna), «arroz chaufa» (fried rice) with fish, pasta with seafood sauce, etc.

The use of sweetbread in Peruvian cuisine is the result of African influence which originated the famous «anticuchos»: beef heart kebab fried on charcoal grills; the «cau cau», a stew of tripe and potatoes; and the «tacu tacu», cooked beans mixed with rice, crowned or filled with meats or shellfish.

The fusion of Spanish and indigenous influences created dishes like the «Lima causa», mashed potato stuffed with chicken, seafood or avocados and tomato; «tamales», made from cooked, ground and seasoned corn and filled with chicken or pork; and «ají de gallina» (hot chicken stew), with chopped chicken breast in a stew made with chili peppers, milk, bread and spices.

The Chinese influence also generated the emergence of new culinary offers, including «arroz chaufa», in which the rice is cooked and fried in soy sauce with small pieces of chicken, pork, egg and spring onion; and «lomo saltado», stir-fried beef, potato, onion, tomato and chili peppers, seasoned with soy sauce.

Desserts are another source of culinary invention and imagination. «Mazamorra morada» (purple grits pudding), rice pudding, «suspiro a la limeña» (Lima style meringues), «Doña Pepa’s nougat» and «picarones» (type of doughnut) are the typical sweets that often accompany meals in Lima.

The soft drink made from purple corn, also known as «chicha morada», beer and Inca Kola, a yellow fizzy drink, are all traditional Lima drinks.


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