Leaving Peru

Here you will find useful information for when it’s time to exit Peru.

General Information

Airport Security

Due to Peru’s travel requirements and security measures, it is forbidden to carry sharp items such as scissors, pliers, blades, etc. in your carry-on baggage. For international flights, all liquid, gel and aerosol containers in carry-on luggage must not exceed 200 ml (6.76 oz).

Forbidden items shall be discarded by security personnel at the airport. Find more information about restrictions here.

Protected flora and fauna species

Biodiversity is one of Peru’s most valuable assets. Unfortunately many flora and fauna species are in danger of extinction due to unauthorized exploitation and trafficking.

Peruvian legislation forbids and punishes the removal, transportation, commercialization and export of wild flora or fauna species, live or dead, without the corresponding authorization.

Requirements concerning the export of fauna species.

Archeological and Historical Patrimony

All original items belonging to the National Cultural Patrimony are protected by Peruvian legislation and their commercialization and export is forbidden.

With regards to replicas of pre-Hispanic and colonial objects (ceramic, jewelry, stones, wood, textiles, paintings and others) it is necessary to obtain permission (“ Certificate of export of goods not listed as National Cultural Patrimony”) from the Ministry of Culture.

Purchase receipts or other document issued by the seller indicating that the item is not listed as National Cultural Patrimony are not valid.


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