Lakes Lagoons Waterfalls and Rivers: Sandoval Lake

This lake is located in the National Reserve of Tambopata, a world wildlife sanctuary surrounded by lush vegetation in the department of Madre de Dios.The lake is home to thousands of species of birds, the giant otter, the black caiman, macaws, turtles and cranes, many of them in danger of extinction. A region so rich is like a warehouse for Peru’s natural wealth, where nights are filled with sounds coming out from the jungle.

The variety of marine fauna is another feature of the lake, boasting 6,500 species of fish, including the famous paiche, served in the most refined regional dishes for its delicate and tender meat.

Sandoval Lake can be accessed via the Madre de Dios River from Puerto Maldonado. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes by boat then 1 hour 30 minutes on foot.


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