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Huánuco department owes part of its famous beauty to its waterfalls. In Pichgacocha (Five Lagoons),there are two falls of 30 and 60 meters, the passage of water from one lagoon to another has created two waterfalls, 30 and 60 meters (98 and 197 feet) high. Particularly popular are the Velo de Ángel (25 – 28 meters (82 – 92 feet)) and Sirena Encantada (70 meters (230 feet)) waterfalls on the Pacsapampa summit -name after the surrounding countryside- while San Miguel (100 meters (328 feet)) is a must for those who seek to dive into refreshing waters.

The Pala Cala and Zárate waterfalls are close to Lima. The town of San Jerónimo de Surco is the portal to the two Pala Cala waterfalls, which are 15 and 20 meters high (49 and 66 feet).

The Zárate waterfall near the town of Llancha is 40 meters (132 feet) high, but visitors are required to be in good shape in order to reach this wonderful place.

The 30 meters (98 feet) high Huallhuas waterfall is in Lima department, but it must be accessed through Pachacayo, in Junín department. The Tirol waterfall is 35 meters (115 feet) high and located at the entrance to the jungle, and Parijaro, whose waters fall 297 meters (974 feet), is located in the midst of a jungle area named Cutivireni, the refuge of the Asháninka ethnic community.

Junín department boasts the Tirol Falls, 35 meters high, on the edge of the jungle and Parijaro, whose waters fall from 297 meters in the middle of the area known as Cutivireni, a refuge for the ethnic Asháninka in the local jungle.


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