Lakes Lagoons Waterfalls and Rivers: Lindo Lake (Lago Lindo)

A 750-hectare (1,853 acres) ecological reserve featuring four lagoons where visitors can have pleasant swims in the middle of the jungle. Its pristine waters reflect the vegetation like a mirror making it often difficult to distinguish between the image on the water and the real thing. The lake is one of purest and most placid settings in the Amazon.

It is also a well know bird-watcher’s paradise. Over 300 species inhabit the area: toucans, hoatzins, herons, tanagers, woodpeckers, eagles, hawks, sparrow hawks… Canoe fishing is allowed in the lake.

Lindo Lake is located in the Sauce district, San Martín department, just 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Tarapoto City. It can be accessed via the Fernando Belaunde Terry Highway to Puerto López. Car travelers must cross the Huallaga River by ferry. Another option is to cross the River by boat.


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