Lakes Lagoons Waterfalls and Rivers: Laguna Azul (Blue Lagoon)

A large mirror of water surrounded by grassland, farm lands and tourism lodges, the Laguna Azul owes its name to the blue color taken by its waters, particularly between September and March. The lagoon is also known as Mamacocha, the largest pond in the area, measuring 5 kilometers (3 miles) in length and almost 2 (1.2 miles) in width.

The beauty of the lagoon can be enjoyed by travelling to Sauce district, just an hour and a half away from Tarapoto, in San Martín department. Species including the famous kingfisher, herons, sachapatos, eagles, amphibians, reptiles and fish are regularly spotted in the area.

Visitors also have the opportunity to rent rooms looking over the lagoon. Tours around the lagoon by boat, canoe or sail boat are available. Visitors can also take guided hikes to the Dos de Mayo town or to nearby waterfalls including the Pukayaku.


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