Kayaking The Chiflon Arequipa

The Chiflón is a meeting point of the Colca, Majes and Camana rivers, located in the province of Camana, Arequipa.

This part of channel above the three rivers, is ideal for sports like kayaking route. The river can be visited any time of year, and is a busy spot for this sport, despite its good condition for this activity; It is recommended, however I only visit until 6 pm, or before dark.

Al Chiflón can be reached after leaving the city of Camana, in a car that will take you in five minutes to the river. Kayaking in the Chiflón, it is a good opportunity for activities being surrounded by a beautiful local flora that is fueled by the river.

Activity: Kayak.

City: Camana.

Region: Arequipa.

Province: Camana.

District: Mariscal Caceres.


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