In the many less difficult rivers, where canoeing and rafting can also be enjoyed, tourists can travel by kayak. This is especially true for the peaceful lagoons located in various regions around the country, where there are plenty of boat hire services.

The exact origin of the kayak is unknown, although the vessel has often been used as a mode of transport by Nordic peoples. According to some historians, kayak means «clothes for travelling by water» or «man`s-boat», as the vessel is characterised by the fact that generally only one person fits inside.

Kayaking requires basic control of the craft, which essentially depends on the balance of the person willing to take the risk of possibly falling into the waters of a lagoon.

It is essential to know how to swim before embarking on a trip in a kayak. In Peru, kayaks can be enjoyed in the lagoons of the coast, mountain or jungle.


Albufera de Medio Mundo

The lagoon is a freshwater lake that runs parallel to and is a short distance from the sea.

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Paracas Bay has become a spot that is often visited by fans of water sports.

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Lake Titicaca

The immensity of Lake Titicaca can be felt with greater intensity when one is travelling aboard a kayak.

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Sandoval Lake

After walking for roughly an hour and a half through tropical forest, the lake appears, its still waters reflecting a mirror image of the palm trees, birds and the boats themselves.

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Laguna Azul (Blue Lagoon) and Lindo Lake

After travelling for a little over 30 km from Tarapoto, one arrives at Puerto Suárez and crosses Huallaga River, from where the Blue Lagoon can be seen lying at less than 18 km.

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Kayaking The Chiflon Arequipa.

The Chiflón is a meeting point of the Colca, Majes and Camana rivers, located in the province of Camana, Arequipa.

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Kayak in the Ancash Gramita.

The Gramita beach is a beautiful resort that is located in the district of Casma, in the province, in Ancash and is a point of visiting for those who like kayaking.

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Kayak in the Mellizas Ancash.

The Mellizas Beach is in the district of Casma, in the province of the same name in Ancash. This beach has been offering its beautiful sea, kayaking, a sport that slowly begins to acquire more followers in this area of Peru.

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Cusco Apurimac River kayak.

The Apurimac River, indomitable runs through the regions of Cusco and Ayacucho. This river has on its top, rapids level I and II, which is usually used by visitors who are new to the sport and for the companies that offer the course of this river kayaking.

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Beach The Yuyos Lima.

Beach the Weeds is located in the district of Chorrillos in Lima. This beach is an interesting point, to practice sea kayaking.

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Lima Cañete River.

The Cañete River, is located between the provinces of Cañete and Yauyos in Lima. This river is an interesting route for those interested in kayaking.

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Arequipa Colca River kayak.

The Colca River is located within the province of Caylloma, Sibayo district, in the region of Arequipa. East River, it is shown to the visitor as a challenge to those interested in kayaking.

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Kayak River Urubamba in Cusco.

The Urubamba River, also known as the Vilcanota River, passes through the beautiful region of Cusco. East River is a tourist attraction for those who enjoy sports such as kayaking.

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Kayak River Cotahuasi Arequipa.

The Cotahuasi River, is located in the province of La Union in the region of Arequipa. This river is an interesting route for those who have an interest in water sports such as kayaking.

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