Getting There

Getting There

There are several ways to get to Peru, depending on your location and preferences. Some common options include the following:

  • Flight: The most common way to get to Peru from other countries is via air transport. Jorge Chavez International Airport, located in Lima, is the main entry point to the country and is connected to numerous cities around the world. You can search for direct flights or flights with stopovers depending on your location. There are also international airports in other Peruvian cities, such as Cusco and Arequipa, which may be options if you wish to visit specific regions.
  • Overland connections: If you are in a neighbouring country, such as Ecuador, Bolivia or Chile, you may consider getting to Peru by bus or overland transport services. There are bus routes and private transport services that connect border cities, but be aware that travel times can be long and you should check visa and immigration requirements for border crossings.
  • Cruise ship: If you’re taking a South American cruise, Peru is likely to be one of the destinations on your itinerary. Some cruise ships stop at Peruvian ports, such as Callao (Lima) or Matarani (Arequipa), providing the opportunity to explore coastal cities or take excursions to nearby tourist sites.

Once you’ve arrived in Peru, you can use different means of transport to get around the country, including domestic flights, buses, trains and taxis. The choice of means of transport will depend on the distance you want to travel and the characteristics of the place you plan to visit.

Remember to check entry requirements, such as visas and vaccinations, depending on your nationality and check with your travel agent or airline for up-to-date information on available transport options.

Enjoy your trip to Peru!


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